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This software is a cross-platform backup program that you can use to build backups of directories and files.

It reads a configuration file, then it builds a compressed file for each of your backup directories or files on your backup list, and places the compressed files into another location. This location can be for example a network mapped drive in windows, a nfs mounted drive in unix, another hard disk, a ftp server, a sftp server (secure ftp / ssh2), a http server (using webdav also called web folders in windows), a tape device (unix only) or even one or more email accounts. This will duplicate your information, doing the so called "backup".

This program, is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. You may used it for free, but remember No Warranties.

To access the simplebackup Forum, Mailing list, News, Bug Tracking System, etc click Here (simplebackup source forge area)

Stay happy, live long and prosper - Miguel Angelo (migas)

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